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Five Steps to Choose your Real Estate Attorney

February 21st, 2011 1:38 PM by Arturo Torres

Arturo Torres, Esq.

When purchasing a home in New York, it's imperative to engage the services of a real estate attorney. An attorney will not only see to it that your rights are protected and will process all necessary legal documents for your purchase, but will also make sure that the building you are buying into is fiscally sound. These tips will help you choose the right attorney to steer you through your transaction.

1.     Start early

Start your search for a good real estate attorney about the same time you seriously begin your search for a new home. You want plenty of time to find a good attorney -- you don't want to end up picking one at the last moment without doing any research.

2.     Seek others’ advice

Talk to friends, colleagues and family who've recently purchased a home and ask them if they would recommend the real estate attorney they used. You could also seek the names of reputable attorneys from your real estate agent -- just be sure to get an attorney who's independent of that agent.

3.     Look for experience

You want to find a "real estate attorney" if you are looking to purchase a real estate property.

4.     Interview

Select a few attorneys to interview on the phone. Ask them about their background and years of experience, how many closings they typically perform during a month or a year, what services they will provide, and whether they can give you the names of some of their clients as references. Ask up front what their fees will be and how you will be charged. (E.g., some lawyers bill hourly, while others set a flat fee.)

5.     Get it in writing

Once you select an attorney, be sure to read the "retainer agreement" -- in which the attorney spells out what services he or she will provide and at what fee, and make sure that you fully understand it and its terms before signing.


Good luck with your purchase!


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Posted by Arturo Torres on February 21st, 2011 1:38 PM

This is an amazing company. The president of this mortgage company helped me to secure several mortgages at a very competitive rate and represented me as an attorney in real estate transactions in the last couple years. His knowledge and passion in real estate has impressed me in many ways. Every time I walk in to his office with zillions of questions, I come out with all questions answered and become more knowledgeable about the current real estate market. Once you retain him as your attorney or mortgage lender, he will guide your through the process step by step. He pretty much makes all his transactions hassle-free for his clients. All you need is providing him with the required real estate documentations. Currently, he is helping me with a property cash-out for my next investment. As far as I can say, he is doing the same, guiding me through the process like a baby learning to how walk. This company is highly recommended for all of those who are looking to purchase/sale a real estate property, refinance or securing a loan.
Posted by mortgageguy on April 6th, 2011 2:24 PM

They provided me as a client with excellent service and professional knowledge in the mortgage finance industry. Highly recommended!
Posted by mortgage1 on April 6th, 2011 2:33 PM


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